I am a freelance web developer.

About me

I'm Simon Perdrisat. I studied computer science followed by multimedia and art. cloud33 is an enterprise based in Switzerland.

I have collaborated on a lot of different projects. I always try to find pragmatic and elegant solutions for my clients.

I speak French and English fluently and have a basic level in German.

You can read my resumé or take a look on LinkedIn and github.

Drupal Expert

As a Drupal expert, I use PHP, MySQL and Javascript on a daily basis. I'm knowledgeable about best practices and advanced tools.

I collaborate with a carefully-selected network of professionals and can take a project from start to finish.

Besides Drupal, I use Python, MongodDB, Google API, node.js, backbone.js, twitter bootstrap, and a lot more, whether for project needs or just for fun.

Professional Interests

I try to choose projects that make sense to me as I am very conscious of the consequences of the use of technology and information.

I had managed some small projects and would like to have more experience in this area.

I'm fascinated by OpenData and the OpenGov subjects. I would love to help administrations to become more efficient and useful. As a member of I promote those aspects through various projects.

Meyrin Culture is an event website.

Using a reactive design this website is fully compatible with mobile.

Users can register for event directly from the website and subscribe to an automatically generated newsletter.


The Sankoré Program is a French government program dedicated to unrestricted, free digital education for everyone, particularly in Africa. I'm in charge of their two Drupal websites, from the technical standpoint. and are two multi-language websites based on Drupal 7.

I also configure the virtual machine and design an automatic deployment tool chain based on Git and Drush.

I also provide Sankoré with general support and try to transmit knowledge about web best practices and eco-systems.

Atelier is a multi-language website based on Drupal 6.

Clever Age lead this project and I joined their team for two months. I worked on the video and audio system for the website. I ported given static HTML pages into interactive pages.

Chargeurs is a classic multi-language corporate website based on Drupal 7.